A diverse, fun program, designed to build young riders into better “athletes”… meaning safer, smoother, faster riders, with more body awareness and better decision making. If they want to race, great, we’ll help them, but racing isn’t the sole focus of this team.

Riding, progressing, having fun on two wheels, with a professional, experienced, certified coach, will give these kids the skills to take their biking wherever they want.

If enough girls sign up we are stoked to create a special girls only team for them!

The ZEP Grom Freeracers Team is a perfect recipe for the kids to be stoked, their skills to truly develop and for parents to be confident in their kids safety and a genuine return on their investment.


ZEP Grom Team Rollin' Steeps

Coaching sessions will be two days per week, with race coaching and support at select Kidsworx and Phat Kidz Races.

Coaching will vary between Whistler Valley, Bike Park, Pump Track, Air Dome and Skate Park sessions. If you can ride it on two wheels, we’ll be there! We’ll also cover suspension set up, bike set up and maintenance to keep the riders gear top notch.

The program also includes a few bike-yoga and rock climbing sessions. Multi-sports help keep the kids excited, motivated and learning. Different disciplines build body awareness, mobility and balance skills that transfer to their biking.

Video Edits will be designed, produced filmed and edited as a team, building the kids knowledge and skills required for todays online, media savvy world. They’ll love it!

ZEP Coaches always maximize sessions for safety, risk management and skill progression, so the kids can build the skills without the spills.


  • Ages 10 - 13 yrs old
  • Max 6 riders (will run with 4)
  • May 15th - September 15th, 2019 (option to extend into October)
  • Coaching Tuesday & Wednesdays (afternoon rides during school term)
  • Bike Park, Enduro, XC, Pump Track, Air Dome, Skate Park
ZEP Grom Team's Got Style


  • ZEP Troy Lee Designs Team Jersey & TLD gloves
  • ZEP Race Team Hat
  • 35 Coaching Sessions
  • PhatKids & Crankworx (Kidsworx) Race Support included
  • 8 Session Fall add-on program available
  • Video Edits
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Yoga & Rock Climbing Session


ZEP is asking riders to apply for a position on this team, to ensure strong team dynamics and that the members of the team can all ride well together; boosting fun, coaching potential and therefore outcomes for all involved!

If enough girls sign up we are stoked to create a special girls only team for them!

For more information on the key details for application to the 2019 ZEP GROM FREERACERS TEAM, please email paul@zeptechniques.com

Registration deadline is April 20th


May 15th - September 15th
Program $2495 + tax
Fall Add-on $250