Jumps, Drops & Berms

Learning how to land every jump safely is all the in the take - off... the ZEP pro’s will breakdown the skills, techniques and physics involved with jumping, into our highly successful and easy to understand jumping progression.

Gone are the days of rolling over jumps and “hoping for the best”! You’ll be jumping with skill, control and consistency before you know it. We’ll also take you through the same process for drops and cornering to truly take your riding to the next level.

Jumps, Drops & Berms - Book Now!


Riders who want to learn the correct techniques to improve their jumping, make them safer and more consistent, riders who want to get better on Crank It Up and progress onto Aline, riders that have ridden Aline but don’t make many of the jumps, riders looking to consolidate different drops and who want to carry more speed and style through corners.


Bike & suspension set-up, how to jump safely and consistently, how to “style it out”, how to take slow drops vs. faster drops, how to take smaller drops vs. bigger drops, how to rail corners that are flat, bermed, big or small!

The ZEP instructors have years of experience training and teaching all styles of riders, particularly those who are looking to progress “one of the three”! Jumps, drops and berms are the three most common requests in our lessons, so we figured a camp that focuses on just these three things is what many riders want... and we were right!

Each camp finishes at The GLC, where we shout you a beers and some nachos. Quality, full suspension, rental bikes and helmets are available, if required.


A good quality, well maintained downhill bike. Full face helmet and knee pads are mandatory. Arm and spine protection is recommended, but up to you; also gloves, hydration pack with water and snacks and a spare tube.


Prices are per person + tax

25th - 26th
8th - 9th
29th - 30th
13th - 14th
3rd - 4th
31st - Sept 1st
Program $379 / person + tax Include 2 days coaching with lunch and final day aprés. WORCA/SORCA/PORCA or NSMBA Members get 10% Discount
Lift Ticket $106 + tax Two day lift ticket. These prices are subject to change based on WBP's lift ticket rates.
Bike Rental Should you require a DH rental, please contact Evolution Bike Shop

Jumps, Drops & Berms - Book Now!