MTB KIDS - 9 Weeks

Summer Shred Program

This program is designed for little groms who love riding their mountain bikes! Catered to 5-7 yr olds who are used to being outdoors for the day and enjoy exploring the single track trails in Lost Lake, this camp is a blast!

With kids of our own, we know what parents and kids are looking for! We include lunches (no packing lunch boxes in the morning), and use some of the most experienced and certified kids coaches in the business.

Kids will be coached everyday, learning how to ride more safely while learning how to enjoy their biking more, every single ride! We’ve even included a few afternoons of rock climbing, tennis and golf, just to keep their stoke high and continue to build their love for sport, moving and being outside!

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ZEP Summer MTB Kids Mountain Bike Program
Getting ready for a day of fun!

Coaching sessions will be two days per week, from 9am - 3pm. Choose between Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday. Sessions begin July 2nd and finish Aug 29th.

Pick up and drop off is at the Passive Haus between 8.45am to 9am. Pick up is also at the Passive Haus between 2.45 - 3pm. Healthy, fresh lunches will be provided by Connection Cafe.

Coaching will mostly take place in the Lost Lake trails, but also include adventures on the Valley Trail, as well as visits to pump tracks and the kids riverside skills park (by day lot 3).

Kids safety, fun and learning will be prioritized. Groups will take regular rests to ensure physical and mental well being, so the kids have an amazing day, pumped on their ZEP Camp!

ZEP Coaches always maximize sessions for safety, risk management and skill progression, so the kids can build the skills without the spills.


  • $1450 + tax
  • Max group size of 5 for fun, safe, quality coaching.
  • Industries top PMBIA Certified Coaches
  • Recommended for kids who love being outside all day, riding and exploring in Lost Lake green and blue trails.
  • Well-fitted helmets, gloves, knee and elbow pads are mandatory.
  • Kids must carry their own water, snacks and spare clothes.
  • Mountain bikes should be in good condition and fit the child well. Bikes should be fitted with hand V-brakes or disc brakes (no coaster brakes), with mountain bike tires.
  • More age groups and ability levels may be added, based on demand.
ZEP Summer MTB Kids Mountain Bike Program
Hey coach, give us a push!


  • 18 Coaching Sessions
  • Fresh, tasty lunches from Connection Cafe!
  • Parents FB page for pics, videos and communication
  • Bi-weekly Coach Report
  • 4 Fun Afternoon Sessions: Rock Climbing, Tennis, Golf, Kids Yoga
  • ZEP T-shirt & stickers
  • ZEP Cap
  • 20% off additional ZEP Private Lessons


Starting July 1 (Mon/Wed) or July 2 (Tue/Thu)
Summer Shred
Program $1450

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