Float Plane Camp


This camp is awesome! It begins with three days of coaching in Whistler Bike Park, Whistler Valley Trails and Pemberton Valley Trails. It then finishes with two-days riding in the beautiful, remote Chilcotins. You’ll take a Float Plane Drop to a lake then spend the day riding back to your lodge through epic scenery, all with one of our senior, local ZEP guides.

With a blend of coaching and guiding, this camp is the perfect combination for riders looking for the ultimate Whistler mountain bike holiday. Your only challenge will be deciding who to bring back with you next year!

  • Expert guiding through B.C.’s most epic mountain bike terrain.
  • 2 day trip to the B.C. Chilcotins Backcountry included
  • Float Plane Drop included.
  • Accommodation at Tyax lodge included.
  • Five days of coaching and guiding with PMBIA certified coaches.
  • Personalized coaching with small group sizes
  • Video Analysis.
  • Suspension Set-up Clinic, developed by Vorsprung Suspension
  • Bike Set-up Clinic
  • MTB-specific stretching sessions
  • Fresh, tasty lunches of your choice at Gone Eatery (coaching days only)


  • Free swag in your very own Welcome Pack
  • Accommodation packages available
  • 1 day Whistler Bike Park Lift Pass included
  • In Resort Rep is ZEP Camp's Owner


Loaded for adventure!


A good quality full suspension bike, with hydraulic disc brakes and downhill or enduro tires for grip and puncture protection. We recommend a enduro style bike; one with 5 or more inches of front and rear wheel travel, and with a fairly slack head angle for stability. Helmets and knee pads are mandatory. Arm and spine protection is recommended, but up to you; also gloves, hydration pack with water, snacks, tools and a spare tube.

This camp is recommended for physically fit, technically competent riders, comfortable with pedalling 3 - 6 hrs per day.


Our Team

Simply put, mountain bike coaching, is what we do. Coaching is our profession. ZEP and our coaches have spent more time developing mountain bike teaching programs, methodology and training mountain bike instructors, than literally any other company in the world, period…

Indeed, ZEP pioneered and co-founded the PMBIA… the world’s most recognized and largest provider of mountain bike instructor certification courses.

Every camp has its niche, but ZEP’s power is on how much time our coaches have spent training and getting certified as professional, full time coaches. Our coaches don’t teach part time through the summer months. They’re not pro-riders with a casual interest in coaching. The ZEP coaches are career-focused, full time professional coaches, and the difference that makes to your riding and learning experience is significant. The best way to find out is to book a ZEP camp today!

Every ZEP Camp is Tailored

Because our coaches have so much more training and experience, it is much easier for them to genuinely tailor each day of the camp, specific to the group and individual needs. While of course each camp has an overall outline, our ZEP coaches make sure each day is customized to provide the best possible outcome. If you guys don’t fancy jumps that day, no worries. If it’s too wet to ride roots that day, too easy! If you guys want to step it up to some double blacks and are ready, let’s go! ZEP camps are therefore the most progressive and customized programs in the industry today.

ZEP’s Skill-based Teaching

Many coaches still focus too heavily on maneuver or terrain based teaching. While these are still effective coaching tools, Skills-based teaching (which has been around for over 50 years in skiing) is the most effective approach when breaking down riders’ techniques, and teaching on trails.

For example, the ZEP coaches may spend a lot of time developing your Position & Balance, which will help your cornering, jumping, braking and steeps, all in one go!! Skill-based teaching is an incredibly efficient approach to learning and also allows a coach to teach a group with different ability levels the same techniques, while ensuring everyone is still having fun and being personally challenged.

Our Heritage & Results

The feedback we hear every year is, “I wish I had taken a ZEP camp sooner!”. 2019 will be our 13th year training riders in Whistler and we’re looking forward to seeing so many of our return clients for more! ZEP’s average customer experience rating is 8.5/10.


  • What it’s like to ride in genuine, epic B.C. backcountry!
  • What it’s like to do a float plane drop, then ride all day back to your lodge!


  • How to ride steeps & rock rolls with more speed control
  • How to flow through more technical trails & descents
  • How to ride different types of drop offs
  • How to corner faster on berms and flat corners
  • How to maintain a stronger, more active body position
  • How to jump consistently, safely and with style
  • How to become more efficient, smoother and generally more rad!
  • Bike & suspension set-up
Lunch in the Chilcotins


7th - 13th
25th - 31st
Camp Only Inc Twin Share Accomm Inc Single Accomm
Float Plane Camp
1 Week $2295 $2995 $3895


All of ZEP’s quality, MTB friendly accommodations have full kitchens and laundry facilities.

We recommend you bring your own bike. However, if you need to rent a bike, please contact our partners at Evolution Bike Shop.