About ZEPtechniques

ZEPtechniques' Mandate

To provide the highest standard in the coaching of mountain bike riders so people can safely learn to ride with more skill, confidence and fun; bringing new riders into the sport whilst ensuring current riders keep progressing.


At ZEP', mountain biking is not just a sport that we do... it's something that's part of our lives, we're passionate about riding and love it more than anything else. To be able to share this passion, sport and lifestyle with other like-minded people, in the most amazing place in the world to ride a bike; that's what we're all about. We have three principles that are the cornerstone of what we do:

  1. THE BEST COACHES... are ones that are equally passionate and good at biking and teaching. The best coaches in any sport are those who can analyze peoples' technique and effectively and safely teach them to improve their skills. We're not pro riders... we're pro coaches and are very proud at being the best at what we do: teaching people how to ride better and training instructors how to teach.
  2. EFFECTIVE TEACHING... The three goals of teaching are i) keep riders safe, ii) progress their skills and iii) show them an awesome time! Our clients' safety and expectations on our programs are our responsibility and we take that very seriously at ZEP. Get them home in one piece, teach them something new and give them a biking memory to keep forever.
  3. GIVE BACK... The mountain bike industry is incredibly important to us on many different levels, so any company goal or aspiration we have must first be for the good of the sport and only then, secondly for ZEP. Our mandate to provide the highest standards in mountain bike coaching and instructor training puts us in an important and unique position within the MTB industry - one we take very seriously and hope to maintain for many years to come, as we continue to grow.